Friday, December 1, 2023

Components of the safety Industry

 The safety industry is a broad sector that encompasses various measures, practices, and products aimed at ensuring the well-being and protection of individuals in different environments. Here are some key aspects and components of the safety industry:

  1. Occupational Safety and Health (OSH):

    • This sector focuses on creating and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions. It involves regulations, guidelines, and practices to prevent workplace accidents, injuries, and illnesses.
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

    • PPE includes equipment and clothing designed to protect individuals from potential hazards in their environment. This can range from helmets and safety glasses to gloves, masks, and specialized clothing.
  3. Industrial Safety:

    • Industrial safety involves implementing safety measures in manufacturing, construction, and other industrial settings. This includes machinery safety, hazard communication, and emergency response planning.
  4. Environmental Safety:

    • Environmental safety focuses on preventing and mitigating the impact of human activities on the environment. This includes regulations related to waste disposal, pollution control, and sustainable practices.
  5. Fire Safety:

    • Fire safety encompasses measures and equipment to prevent, detect, and respond to fires. This includes fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinkler systems, and evacuation plans.
  6. Transportation Safety:

    • This aspect of the safety industry deals with measures to ensure the safety of transportation systems, including road safety, air travel safety, and railway safety. It involves regulations, vehicle safety standards, and traffic management.
  7. Construction Safety:

    • Construction safety focuses on preventing accidents and injuries in the construction industry. This includes the use of safety harnesses, scaffolding, and adherence to safety protocols on construction sites.
  8. Health and Safety Training:

    • Training programs are essential in the safety industry to educate individuals about potential hazards and proper safety practices. This includes training for employees, emergency responders, and safety professionals.
  9. Regulatory Compliance:

    • Various regulatory bodies and agencies set standards and regulations to ensure safety in different industries. Compliance with these standards is crucial for organizations to create and maintain a safe working environment.
  10. Emergency Response and Preparedness:

    • This involves planning and training for emergencies, including natural disasters, industrial accidents, and other unexpected events. It includes the development of emergency response plans and the provision of first aid training.

The safety industry plays a critical role in safeguarding individuals, workplaces, and communities, and its scope continues to evolve with advancements in technology and changes in societal needs and expectations.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Jual VIKING Boat 470 GRP1 Rigid MOB Petrol Engine: 60 HP

Built in fibre glass making the boat practically unsinkable. Practical one point lifting mast and integrated watertight compartments. Remote control steering system. Petrol engine: 25, 40 or 60 HP.

Approval : Accord in g to SOLAS 74/ 96, LSA Code and EU Directive 96/ 98/ EC as amended.
Origin: Denmark
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Peralatan Industri

Peralatan Test Teknik Civil, Alat Testing Beton, Concrete, Testing Jembatan, Testing Asphal, Testing Aggregate, - Rambu Lalulintas - Rambu Pabrik - Rambu Kerja - Rambu Parkir - Lampu Lalulintas ( Traffic Light) - Delineator Post - Paku Jalan ( Road Stud) - Traffic Cone ( Rubber/ Plastic) - Cermin Lalulintas ( Safety Mirror) - Speed Gun - Road Barrier - Cat Thermoplastik - Glass Bead - Mesin Marka AJalan - Mesin Preheater ( pengaduk cat thermoplastik) - Mesin Marka Jalan Profil - Mesin Marka Jalan Cold Plastic - Mesin Penghapus Marka Jalan, Dll.
- Bor Biopori - Bor Tanah / Soil Auger - Bor Banka - Bor Gambut - Bor Bibit - Bor Jacro - Bor Power Rig - Bor Pile - Bor Sumur - Bor Pasir - Bor Nikel - Bor Timah - Bor Sawit - Hand Auger - Hole Digger Auger - Sampler Auger - Soil Sampler Tube - Double Ring Sampler / Infiltration - Soil Sampler - Soil Core Sampler - Soil Probes - Soil Auger & Sampling Kit - Sediment & Water Sampling - Bor Hole Preparation Kit - Bailers
- Basic Hand Auger Set - Geotechnical Sampling & Testing - Professional Soil Sampling Kit - Soil Auger & Cor Sampling Kit - Peat Soil Auger Kit - Rain Gauge - Bor Spiral - Gouge auger set - Standard Hand Auger Set - Panci Penguapan.
Gear down hole and Accessories Part: - Core Barrel Assy ( PQ3, HQ3, NQ3) dan parts - Inner Tube Assy - Inner Tube, Split, Outer Tube - Over shot Assy dan parts ( produk Australia dll) - Hoisting Plug - Head Assy - Cap Assy - Chasing Shoe Bit - Drill rods, Casing pipe PQ3 ( HWT) , HQ3, NQ3 ( Merk Sandvik ( dari Eropa) , Australia, Crown, Asahi) - Diamond Bits Impreg - Tungsten Bit - Threewing bit - PCD Bit - Reamer Bit - Surface Step Bit - Water Swivel - Core Lifter Case - Core Lifter - Stop Ring - Shut of Valve - Stabilizer Ring - Adaptor Coupling - Locking Coupling - Inner Tube Wrench - Cross Sub - Saver Sub - Tricone Bit - Lifting Dog - Latch
Drilling Mud: - Polymer - Bentonite ( Ausgel/ Stargel) - Hivis ( CR-650) - Austroll - Baraswell
Engine: - FMC Been Pump
Perlengkapan Malarialogi : - Sangkar Nyamuk - Mosquito Box - Mosquito Breeder - Tempat Telur Nyamuk - Bio Assay Kit - Tempat Makanan Nyamuk - Box Pin - Pinning Block - Aspirator Nyamuk - Killing Jar - Plastic Box - Insect Cabinet - Insect Drawer
Pertanian :
- Mesin Pengolahan Gula Semut - Mesin Pengolahan Limbah Kayu - Mesin Pengolahan Tapioka Singkong - Mesin Pengolahan Pemotongan Ayam - Mesin Pengolahan Pakan Ternak - Mesin Pengolahan Melinjo - Mesin Pengolahan Mete - Mesin Pengolahan Sorgum / Hermada - Mesin Pengolahan Kakao / Coklat - Mesin Pengolahan Kacang - Mesin Pengolahan Cabe - Mesin Pengolahan Kemiri - Mesin Pengolahan Teh - Mesin Pengolahan Minyak Atsiri - Mesin Pengolahan Kopi - Mesin Pengolahan Karet - Mesin Pengolahan Kedelai / Soya - Mesin Pengolahan Tahu - Mesin Pengolahan Tempe - Mesin Pengolahan Jagung - Mesin Pengolahan Jeruk - Mesin Pengolahan Mie - Mesin Pengolahan Kompos - Mesin Pengolahan Sagu - Mesin Pengolahan Sabut Kelapa - Mesin Pengolahan Briket - Mesin Pengolahan Apel - Mesin Pengolahan Jarak - Mesin Pengolahan Padi - Mesin Pengolahan Sawit - Mesin Pengolahan Kentang - Mesin Pengolahan Bawang - Mesin Pengolahan Tanah / Soil - Mesin Pengolahan Tebu - Mesin Pengolahan Pupuk Organik - Mesin Pengolahan Emas / Ballmill / Glundung - Mesin Pengolahan Limbah - Mesin Pengolahan Sampah - Mesin Pengolahan Fiber - Mesin Pengolahan Makanan - Mesin Pengolahan Kripik - Mesin Pengolahan Dodol - Mesin Press Uang - Mesin Ethanol - Mesin Cetak Batako Pressn- Mesin Cetak Paving / Conblock - Mesin Cetak Batako Apung - Mesin Batako Hebel - Aplikasi Teknologi Resin - Alat Panen Sagu - Alat Panen Karet - Alat Panen Sawit - Ubinan ( Alat Analisis) - Green House - Pembuatan Batu Penyosok
- Teknik Pengolahan Minyak Atsiri - Teknik Pengolahan Ethanol - Teknik Pengolahan Tahu - Teknik Pengolahan Jeruk - Teknik Pengolahan Emas - Teknik Pengolahan Tepung - Teknik Pengolahan VCO - Teknik Pengolahan Gula Jagung - Teknik Pengolahan Gula Singkong / Cassava

Perlengkapan Jalan :
- Rambu Lalulintas - Rambu Pabrik - Rambu Kerja - Rambu Parkir - Lampu Lalulintas ( Traffic Light) - Delineator Post - Paku Jalan ( Road Stud) - Traffic Cone ( Rubber/ Plastic) - Cermin Lalulintas ( Safety Mirror) - Speed Gun - Road Barrier - Cat Thermoplastik - Glass Bead - Mesin Marka Jalan - Mesin Preheater ( pengaduk cat thermoplastik) - Mesin Marka Jalan Profil - Mesin Marka Jalan Cold Plastic - Mesin Penghapus Marka Jalan - Concrete Cutter - Cover Blade - High Frequency Converter - Tamping Rammer
- Plate Compactor Ride-On Trowels - Mechanical Engine Vibrator - Internal Vibrator - Concrete Power Trowel - Generator Engine - Electric Concrete Vibrator
- Vibratory Rammer / Tamping Rammer - Single Direction and Reversible Vibratoy Plates - RIde-on Vibratory Roller - Double Drum Vibratory Rollers ( baby Roller)
- Asphalt / Concrete Cutter / Diamond Cutting Blade - Gasoline Cut-off Saws - Drilling Hammers, Breaker Hammers - Gasoline Engine Breaker / Chisel Tools, Peralatan Geology, Peralatan Pengairan, Peralatan Survey dan Pemetaan, Alat Alat Teknik Civil, - Concrete Vibrator, - Plate Compator, - Vibro Roller, - Mesin Vacuum Jalan, - Tamping Rammer, - Concrete Mixer
Fabrikasi Steel Structure, seperti :
- Beam, platform, ladder, handrail, insert plate, conduit pipe bending, and Container Basket
- Pagar Besi, Meja Inspeksi, Meja Laboratorium, Lemari Besi, Lemari Kayu, Lemari Alumunium, pekerjaan besi / steel; stainless; alumunium, dll.
- Fabrikasi Tenda, Tenda Pleton, Tenda Pengungsi, Tenda Pramuka, Tenda Dapur, Tenda PMI, Tenda Komando, Tenda Regu, Pergola, Awning, dll
- Alat Pertanian ( Arboriculture and Holticulture Tools and Machinery) - Soil Moisture - Soil Thermometer - Wood Moisture Meter - Thermohygrometer - Grain Moisture Meter - Soil pH Meter - Soil Salinity Meter - Pocket Penetrometer - Soil test kit - Soil Munsell Chart - Soil NPK Tester - Soil Auger - Dodos, Agrek Egrek, Alat Panen Kelapa Sawit - Sadap, Deres, Ember Karet, Emposan Tikus, Perangkap Tikus, Kandang Nyamuk - Peralatan tes concrete, jalan, beton, Hand Bor / Auger, Bucket Auger, One-Piece Auger, Soil Sampling Auger, Soil Core, Bor Tanah, Bor Banka, Bor Pertambangan, Bor Sample Tanah, Bor Gambut, Bor Sawah, Bor Kebun, Bor Biopori, Bor Resapan, Standard Penetration Test, Sample Extruder, Sample Extruder Electric, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, Corps of Engineer Soil Surface Sampler, Dutch Cone Penetrometer, Plate Bearing Test Set, Field CBR Test Set, Proving Ring Penetrometer, TVA Penetrometer, Liquid Limit Test Set, Plastic Limit Test Set, Shrinkage Limit Test Set, Steel Auger Bucket
Sludge Sampler Kit, Split Core Sampler, Extendible Core Sampler Kit, Soil Gas Vapor Probe, Sand / loose Sediment Probe, Sediment Sampler, Soil Sampler Tube, Soil Profiler, Peralatan Kehutanan, Mesin Pertanian, Alat Pertanian, Alat Peternakan

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Master Lock 498A

Spesifikasi Produk Master Lock 498A Portable Red Group Lock Box

The Master Lock No. 498A Latch Tight Portable Red Group Lock Box features a durable powder-coated red finish with an easy-to-grip, ergonomic handle.
Accommodates up to 12 workers, or more with use of lockout hasps, lock box secures each lockout point on a piece of equipment with just one designated lock.
Box captures keys from those lockout points by placing them in the lock box. Each authorized employee locks one personal safety lock onto the box and removes them only when their work is complete.
Exclusive Latch Tight feature ensures that keys cannot be accessed until the last lock is removed.

Product Features

- Portable Red Group Lock Box - Latch Tight
- Secure each lockout point on a piece of equipment with just one designated safety padlock
- Capture the keys from those lockout points by placing them in the lock box
- Each authorized employee locks one personal safety padlock onto the box, removing them only when their work is complete
- Exclusive Latch Tight feature ensures that keys cannot be accessed until the last safety padlock is removed
- Durable powder-coated red finish with an easy-to-grip, ergonomic handle
 "Lock Out" message in English, Spanish and French communicates to all workers
- Accommodates up to 12 workers, more with the use of lockout hasps
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Master Lock 468L

Spesifikasi Produk 

Master Lock 468L Seal Tight Handle-Off Lockout
468L - Seal Tight Handle-Off Ball Valve Lockout by Master Lock

The exclusive, patented Master Lock gate and ball valve lockout devices work in difficult applications like tight spaces and insulated pipes.
Lockout-tagout (LOTO) safety procedures, as defined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), require that lockout devices be durable and standardized.
Lockout devices use color, warning labels or tags, and a physical barrier to temporarily prohibit machine operation or power activation, and reduce accidents, during maintenance or repair.
Lockout hasps are often used to secure energy sources in the off position during maintenance or repair when multiple workers are on the job.
They consist of one shackle that can be locked closed by one or more padlocks, providing the ability to use multiple padlocks in a place where only one shackle will fit.

Features and Benefits:

- Patented innovative design eliminates the risk of valve reactivation with removal of the handle.
- Simple remove and store handle and covers the valve stem for secure lockout.
- Universal fit-effectively lock out all valves from 3/8" to 4" (0.9cm x 10.1cm).
- Works in virtually all valve installations - metal and PVC valves, insulated pipes, pipes mounted close to a wall or ceiling and valves with tight access due to proximity to other valves or pipes.
- Works on insulated pipes.
- Easy to use - simple to apply with an intuitive wrapping strap and locking mechanism.
- Lightweight, flexible device is easily carried to the job and then folded for compact storage in safety toolboxes.
- Includes write-on erasable labels in English, French & Spanish.
- Constructed of durable PVC polyester fabric and HDPE plastic.
- Performs effectively to withstand corrosive environments and operates in extreme conditions (temperature range: -40F to 250F (-40C to 121C)).
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Monday, September 14, 2015

Trends in safety Industry for 2015

Looking ahead for 2015, there are some things that may impact the health and safety profession both in Canada and abroad. 

Global Harmonized System: The Global Harmonized System has arrived. On the agenda for many years, WHMIS will be replaced as the GHS comes into force in many countries in 2015. Since 2008 people have been running around saying GHS is coming but it really is going to happen in 2015. Canada, being unique in terms of its health and safety legislation, will see provinces coming out with new legislation once the federal legislation changes in early 2015. GHS is not greatly different from WHMIS and is long overdue in our world of interlinked economies. How this will unfold and how long it will take is a space reserved in 2016 predictions.

The profession will remain fractured and regionalized: There are hundreds of certifications in health and safety and many are region specific. There is no clearly agreed upon standard of what “health and safety professional” really means and who actually is a professional as the designation versus certification debate continues. Even training is not consistent in content or quality. Regionalized regulation and the lack or a national approach or focus on health and safety will continue to be major hurdles in defining the profession in Canada. My hopeful prediction is that talks on a national intermediate or entry-level designation such as the Occupational Health and Safety Technologists (OHST) offered by Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) in the United States may begin in 2015. 

Regulators will remain under increased scrutiny: In the provinces with larger populations, it seems that regulators are facing mounting criticism. This may be just part of the continuing trend towards mistrust of the government but this aspect is a new and emerging trend. 

In 2014 we saw WorkSafeBC have the expertise of its prevention branch seriously questioned and found lacking by the British Columbia government in the wake of two botched investigations into sawmill explosions. 

In Ontario we saw one lawsuit launched against the Ministry of Labour and another clear a significant milestone. One for the Elliot Lake mall collapse where a class action lawsuit alleged the inspectors were indifferent. 

The other is from a former Metron employee involved in the 2009 swing stage collapse and filed suit in 2011 alleging negligence on the part of the Ministry of Labour inspectors. In 2014 the Ministry of Labour had to be compelled by court order to provide information about “education, training, workload and experience of the inspector assigned to the job site.” This case may be in court this year.

In their first public consultation to improve mine safety in Ontario, the Ministry of Labour found both the role and experience of mine safety inspectors questioned when they travelled to Timmins, Ont. Adding to their woes is the case of an Ontario Ministry of Labour inspector was charged with extortion. 

In 2014 Alberta introduced fines and administrative penalties. Fatalities are rising and the public remains largely unconvinced that the actions taken will be effective.

Federally, Transport Canada was roundly criticized for failing to crack down on the Montreal Maine and Atlantic Railway before the Lac-M├ęgantic, Que., disaster. The auditor general was subsequently very critical of Transport Canada as well. Transport Canada announced it is hiring 10 more safety auditors to double the current number, but many issues remain to be solved.

Demand for safety people will remain strong: The safety occupation will continue to grow strongly as the function becomes more embedded as a requirement rather than something nice to have. Smaller companies involved in high risk industries like construction or those involved in work with large companies will see the need for trained safety staff.

Fatalities will rise: This should be no surprise. As the economy improves more people are working and fatalities will rise. Occupational disease fatalities will rise because those related to mesothelioma or asbestos related respiratory diseases have not peaked yet. Motor vehicle fatalities will rise along with economic activity. The fatality rate may stay constant, but expect it to rise in high-risk industries like construction. Fatality rates in construction have been on the uptick recently in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Since there is no national analysis of workplace injury or fatality data in Canada, no one has really noticed yet, but I expect the trend will continue.

Our fascination with zero will continue: Zero is a target for a lot of companies. It is big and round and far away or nebulous for most — more of a philosophy than a target. Setting unachievable goals or ones that the workforce has difficulty relating to will actually make people more likely to take risks. 

If John F. Kennedy had said “We are going to the moon” instead of “We will go to the moon in this decade” we may never have made it. In 1962 planning and activities to meet the goal was well under way. Everyone understood how the goal would be met.

Targets are great and zero is a good one but if you have no idea how to get there then it isn’t a real target. Doing more of whatever is being done now will not get anyone to a sustainable level at or near zero. No relevance (timeline), no plan and no vision equals no effect.

Enrolment in OHS diploma and certificate programs will see strong growth: The reasons for this are easy. More people are getting into health and safety and employers are becoming (to their credit) more demanding in terms of people and their educations. Experience will still be important but education will take on more emphasis in the future. The overall trend to online learning will also continue grow as many in the health and safety field are already working and cannot make it to a traditional classroom.

ISO 45001 will not get much notice: Yes, our friends at the International Standards Organization are working on a health and safety standard for release in 2016. Of course we already have CSA Z1000, or the American ANSI Z10, and the British OHSAS 18000. Not many companies certify to these standards because there is little benefit. While we could debate whether it is really needed maybe we should all agree that we need to standardize our methods first, which are also very fractionalized by region or country.
Written by  Dave Rebbitt

Dave Rebbitt is the president of Rarebit Consulting in Fort McMurray, Alta., and is a senior consultant with Leadershipsmarts, a partner that is focused on creating sustainable leadership and genuine change. He has 25 years in health and safety, and has built numerous health, safety and environment management systems.
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